The fight against corrosion is driving the growth of composites

Every year, metallic materials used in a variety of industries are damaged by corrosion. As this happens, the need to repair, replace or upgrade equipment drives up the expenses of many businesses, including those in the maritime, industrial, aerospace and energy industries.

Since corrosion is such an expensive and common issue, many businesses are taking opportunities to invest in corrosion-resistant composites.

These composites are useful in many different applications, including as protection for existing materials or as a complete replacement for a corrosive-prone material.

The growing use of corrosion-resistant composites

The use of corrosion-resistant composites is steadily growing in North America. A significant contributing factor to this growth is the cost-effectiveness of using composites.

Erosion from corrosion in a container, pipe, ship hull or other material often leads to expensive issues. Materials are usually lost — especially those in containers and pipes — that are expensive and potentially harmful to the environment. Replacing these lost materials and repairing the damaged pipeline or containers can cost a lot of money and take a lot of time.

Using corrosion-resistant composites can reduce the chances of expensive disasters occurring. This saves businesses a lot of money in the long run, which is why several are investing in composites.

Furthermore, corrosion-resistant composites are becoming more affordable. What was once a more exclusive industry due to production costs has been made much more accessible in recent years. Materials like carbon fibers, glass fibers and rapid cure resins are increasingly less expensive to produce, which allows many businesses to use them for various applications.

Composites One is the number one composites distributor in North America

If your business uses materials that are exposed to corrosive elements like salt water, severe weather or chemicals, you need to consider the benefits of corrosion-resistant composites. Using  composites saves you a lot of money over time and helps protect the environment and people from potential harm.

At Composites One, we distribute thousands of composite materials, including anti-corrosion composites, to industries in North America. We operate from 41 distribution centers across Canada and the United States to ensure fast deliveries to the materials you need. Contact us today to learn more about corrosion-resistant composites.