Corrosion Resistant

Corrosion Resistant are used in: Industrial / Corrosion

High performance, corrosion-resistant specialty polyester and vinyl ester resin systems are ideal for the manufacture of tanks, pipes, vessels that contain acids, alkalis, fuels, foodstuffs, water and other materials that can corrode metals. These resins are used where long-term resistance to chemical attack is essential or where operating at elevated temperatures. Corrosion Resistant resins are primarily formulated as isophthalic, terephthalic and vinyl ester resins, but other specialty base resins are also used. Vinyl ester resins are used extensively in boat building to prevent hull blistering.

Specific corrosion resin formulations are produced to meet a variety of specifications and standards that have been established over time in conjunction with extensive long-term testing. The critical nature of many corrosion applications includes; underground storage tanks, tanks for corrosive chemicals, industrial scrubbers, pressure transfer pipe, and effluent management. Because of these high manufacturing standards and adherence to established manufacturing processes are required. In the marketplace, corrosion resistant composites parts successfully compete with steel and aluminum because of inherent longevity, ease of installation and the ability to easily repair compared to metals.


  • AOC
  • DARCO Southern
  • DAVLYN Manufacturing Co
  • INEOS Composites
  • Interplastic Corporation
  • Polynt Composites USA Inc.

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