Thermoplastics Helping to Manufacture Stronger Composite I-Beams

Composite I-beams are beginning to be used in variety of infrastructure applications to provide support to structures such as bridges, buildings and elevated walkways. Though traditionally made of steel, I-beams have been manufactured out of composite materials for a number of years now. Now, composite I-beams are becoming even stronger and more durable due to thermoplastic unidirectional tapes. 

The Benefits that Thermoplastic Unidirectional Tapes Bring to Composite I-Beams

Thermoplastic unidirectional tape additions to composite I-beams have many benefits when compared to plain composite or steel I-beams. Composites offer a number of benefits to the infrastructure industry.

Thermoplastic unidirectional tape is a composite material that consists of carbon or high-performance glass fibers running through a resin matrix. Inside this matrix, all of the fibers are laid in one direction rather than crossing one another, hence the unidirectional designation. Thermoplastic tapes are commonly manufactured in widths ranging from 6.25 to 12 inches, and this material has now found a new application in composite I-beam construction. 

This new use for thermoplastic tapes has developed due to tests which showed that the inclusion of this material in composite I-beams had a significant number of advantages. These advantages include: 

  • An 11% increase in the tensile strength of the beam
  • A 25% rise in beam flexural strength
  • Better thermal compatibility

With all of these benefits, I-beams constructed of composites that have additional thermoplastic unidirectional tape inserts have become an even better option for a variety of infrastructure projects. 

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