What Continuous Compression Molding Can Create

Composite materials are now being used to create better interior aircraft brackets thanks to the continuous compression molding process. Indeed, this process and the composite brackets it creates are bringing several benefits to the manufacturers of modern aircraft.

Benefits of composite interior brackets made with continuous compression molding

Composite materials have seen significantly increased use in aircraft over the past few decades, and now, they’re set to be used even more frequently thanks to continuous compression molding-produced interior aircraft brackets.

The brackets used on the inside of modern aircraft are generally designed to do things like attached interior panels to the exterior structure of the aircraft. One problem faced by aircraft designers and manufacturers is that these brackets come in a wide variety of configurations. Some of the bracket configurations currently used in aircraft include C-channels, H-beams, U-sections and L- and T-stringers. This problem of so many different types of brackets is compounded further by the fact that all of these shapes are difficult to manufacture from the aluminum traditionally used in aircraft.

However, continuous compression molding makes these parts much easier to manufacture. This process consists of continuously moving composite materials through a heated metal mold. The mold is mounted in a large hydraulic press that applies pressure to rapidly cure the composite component into its final shape. By using this process, interior aircraft brackets made of composites can provide a number of benefits to aircraft manufacturers. Some of these benefits include:

  • A 50 percent reduction in the weight of these brackets compared to aluminum brackets
  • Lowering the production costs of these brackets by approximately 21 percent
  • Allowing part manufacturers to achieve a part rejection rate of less than 0.1 percent

All of these benefits mean that continuous compression molding-produced composite interior brackets are likely to become increasingly common in the aircraft of the future.

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