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Compression Molding

Use of compression molding by auto industry picks up in 2019

Composites have been steadily making inroads into the automotive industry for years now. However, this year may see more composite components hitting the road than any other. Many composite parts are being developed or produced for 2019 vehicle models, and compression molding is one of the composite component production processes being used to create these Read More…

What Continuous Compression Molding Can Create

Composite materials are now being used to create better interior aircraft brackets thanks to the continuous compression molding process. Indeed, this process and the composite brackets it creates are bringing several benefits to the manufacturers of modern aircraft. Benefits of composite interior brackets made with continuous compression molding Composite materials have seen significantly increased use Read More…

ACMA Forms New Thermoset Molders Committee

Thermoset molding is an established and successfully used process in a number of market sectors with a growing demand for composites. This kind of molding has been integral in a number of areas, including the automotive, construction and aerospace markets. Yet, until now, thermoset molders, one of the core components of the composites industry, have Read More…

Compression Molding

Compression molding is a high-volume process that employs expensive but very durable metal dies. It is an appropriate choice when production quantities exceed 10,000 parts. As many as 200,000 parts can be turned out on a set of forged steel dies, using sheet molding compound (SMC), a composite sheet material Read more: