Why Polyester and Vinyl Ester Resins are the Most Common Composites Used in the Corrosion Industry

Over the past several years, the Corrosion industry has been replacing traditional materials used to build piping, tanks and other equipment with composites such as polyester and vinyl ester resins, among other materials. The reason for this transition is due to the continual degradation of traditional materials when exposed to the harsh chemicals and high temperatures of the corrosion industry over a long period of time. To avoid losing a large amount of time to maintenance and repairs, the Corrosion industry is choosing composite materials that are resistant to corrosion and can withstand high temperatures without losing strength or durability.


Polyester and vinyl ester resins are the building blocks of the corrosion industry

For many reasons, the Corrosion industry has turned toward polyester and vinyl ester resins as the most appropriate choice to replace the traditional materials being used. Polyester resin is a low-cost composite material that is resistant to corrosion, allowing it to withstand ongoing chemical attack without compromising the structural integrity of the equipment. It can also be customized to fit a range of strength and characteristics necessary for specific applications.

Vinyl ester resin is similar to polyester resin in that it is resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. This composite material is known for its flexibility as well as its durability within harsh environments, making it an ideal composite for the Corrosion industry. In some cases, vinyl ester resins offer greater strength and corrosion-resistance than polyester resins.


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