Composites One Presents Coatings Make Machining Easier – Watch the Webinar!

Presented by Tru-Design, Polynt Composites and Composites One, this informative webinar took attendees through an overview of current polymeric 3D printing to an in-depth presentation of proven finishing methods for enhancing surface cosmetics, ensuring vacuum integrity of 3D printed tools and parts, and filling in defects due to starts/stops, bead break-outs, flow issues and air voids. Among these finishing methods are innovative high build coatings that can be more easily machined than the original print material, especially in situations where significant detail, class A cosmetics or post-print modifications are required.

Primary Topics

  • Surface issues resulting from fast, large-format 3D printers
  • How to fix defects and overcome issues
  • Coating options for 3D printed parts, molds, and fixtures
  • Thermoset coatings to address CTE concerns in high temperature applications
John Miller
Vice President of Operations
Rick Pauer
Applications Specialist
Polynt Composites USA
Neil Smith
Technical Support Manager
Composites One