What will I find at compositesone.com?

You will find a website that is packed with useful information on the composites industry, including product, process and regulatory information.

Can I get my regulatory questions answered online?

Yes, with the Ask the Compliance Expert feature, you can submit a question and expect an answer within 24 hours of submitting. If you need an immediate response, you can always call our regulatory hotline at 888-854-4939.

What about regulatory updates and information?

Since Composites One is the industry’s leading expert on industry regulatory issues, you will find lots of useful information regarding those issues most affecting the industry. The site includes access to an abbreviated version of the Composites One Regulatory Manual, which is unique to the industry and only available to our customers. You will also find summaries of new regulations, such as MACT, as well as links to those agencies shaping today’s policies. You will also find postings of Compliance Bulletins that are filled with useful reminders and deadline information.

Can I search though the Composites One complete product line?

Search away! We offer you a complete listing of all of the Products that Composites One carries organized in easy to find categories. Within those products categories you will see a list of the suppliers that Composites One is proud to be affiliated with. Suppliers are also a linked directly to their websites so you can get the most useful and accurate information about any product we carry. And, as always, if you do not see a product that you are looking for, feel free to Contact Us and we will do our best to serve you.

What if I need information about new technologies and processes?

We are your one source for information on the technologies that are shaping the industry today. You will find information from Closed Mold Technologies to Kit Cutting to Solid Surface. You will also find a handy Glossary filled with the definitions of key composites industry terms. Whatever information you might need is most likely on the website and if not, Contact Us for more detailed information.

Can I contact one of Your locations directly at compositesone.com?

You sure can. You can search for a contact near you using the Map found in Locations or you can use the list included in that section as well. Each location is a direct link to a local distribution center in your area and that is the best place to start whether you are conducting new business with us or are an existing customer.

How can I access information not found on the website?

The site provides you with an extensive list of Resource Links allowing access to some of the industry’s best experts.

How often will compositesone.com be updated?

We have made a commitment to keep our website as up-to-date as possible. We will update Process and technical information as it becomes available and Products will be added as we acquire them. We will also keep our Newsroom updated on a monthly basis and Regulatory information as it becomes available. We want the site to be a resource tool for you, so feel free to Contact Us from time to time and let us know how we are doing.

Will current news be available on compositesone.com?

Yes. There is always news happening at Composites One and in our industry.

Our Newsroom feature will offer access to news releases as well as media contacts and some brief company and personnel profiles.

Can I access b2bcomposites.com via compositesone.com?

If you are a registered user on b2bcomposites.com, the Composites One e-commerce site, you can access that site via a link on compositesone.com. If you are not a registered user you can sign up at compositesone.com. Either way, we make it easy for you to access the industry’s leading online business solutions.

Can I place orders on composites one.com?

Compositesone.com is an information resource site only, but you can access b2bcomposites.com from the site and conduct business online with us there.

What is the best way to search through compositesone.com?

It is so easy. Just go to our easy-to-use Site Map feature. It breaks compositesone.com into easy-to-find sections designed with you in mind.