Regulatory Compliance Manual

Dedicated to helping manufacturers stay informed on the latest safety regulations, Composites One developed the Regulatory Compliance Manual.

Understanding all of the regulations from EPA, DOT, and OSHA is an important aspect to maintaining safety regulations within a facility, but keeping up with all of these standards can seem overwhelming.

That is why Composites One developed the Regulatory Compliance Manual.

We have condensed the regulations from three federal agencies and have provided an outline of the common standards within the composites industry. Manufacturers can now utilize just one resource to verify what regulatory compliance programs are suitable for their facilities.

The Regulatory Compliance Manual is full of valuable information that can serve as a guideline to help manufacturers operate in a safe and compliant environment. The manual includes links to relevant websites where more detailed information is available as well as tools to assist our customers to put various mandatory programs in place.

This manual is one of the greatest benefits of doing business with Composites One. Those who are registered on can also take advantage of full access to the Regulatory Compliance Manual in its entirety. By logging on to, users can either view the manual on the site or download it from their account. Not a registered user of Don’t worry, an account can be created at any time to take advantage of all of the benefits offered.

Current Composites One customers can also request copies of the Regulatory Compliance Manual CD by calling 800-621-8003.

By creating the Regulatory Compliance Manual, Composites One hopes to provide guidance to manufacturers. If there are any questions at any point, just reach out to a member of our dedicated HS&E team.