Kit Concepts

Composites One Kit Concepts, a kit cutting service offered by Ubique Technologies, has become a popular choice for glass kits for manufacturers in the marine, wind energy, automotive, and industrial container industries. Pre-cut kits offer closed mold manufacturers exceptional quality, cost-value, ease of application, and a commitment to excellence and customer service.

Increased output, greater productivity, and improved profitability are all possible with glass kits.

Using state-of-the-art automated cutters, Kit Concepts and Ubique Technologies offer:

  • 108-inch wide vacuum table for precise cuts
  • Easy download of CAD files for cutting
  • Digital paper mold patterns
  • Nest Plus Software offering efficiency and material savings
  • Increased productivity and reduced labor expenses
  • Customized packaging
  • Ability to cut (multiple, various, most, all standard, and most exotic) composite products

Pre-cut kits are especially helpful for today’s ever-changing manufacturing technology. That is why Kit Concepts is the perfect choice for closed mold technologies. Using pre-cut kits for processes like LRTM, VIP, and CCBM will allow you to produce more parts, faster. Using our own in-house CAD capabilities, we provide our customers with the precisely cut materials they need to fit, place, and laminate with ease.

Custom-cut glass kits will reduce your labor and production costs, and will have a direct impact on bottom-line profitability. With glass kits, employee time is spent conducting those value-added activities that optimize efficiency, giving manufacturers the cutting edge over the competition.

Cleaner, faster, more precise materials are what Kit Concepts and Ubique Technologies can provide to those using closed mold processes in their shop.

Contact your Composites One technical representative for more details.