How the Canadian Transportation Industry Can Benefit from Advanced Composite Materials

Now that Composites One, the leading supplier of composite materials in North America, has acquired Canadian-based BMB Solutions Composites, those in the Transportation industry throughout North America can benefit from access to innovative, high-quality products and services.


From autos to buses to rail, lightweight and durable composites can improve fuel efficiency and deliver benefits to design and manufacturing.


Composite materials are fire retardant

Manufacturers in the Canadian rail and bus markets use composites to enhance interiors and increase fuel efficiency, but they also need those products to be fire retardant.


Fire retardant resins are either halogenated or halogen-free. While halogenated resins can perform better, cost less, be easier to process and boast better physical properties, halogen-free alternatives are “greener” and produce less toxicity and smoke, as well as decreasing corrosion on application equipment. The specific type of fire retardant resin that’s best for use will depend on the function of the polymer and specific fire performance requirements.


Composite materials are corrosion-resistant

High-performance specialty polyester and vinyl ester resin systems are alternatives that resist corrosion and can be used to manufacture tanks, pipes and vessels containing acids, alkalis, fuels, foodstuffs, water and other corrosion-causing materials. Composite resins meet specifications and standards established through long-term testing, so those in the Canadian Transportation industry know they will be using long-lasting, easy to install and easy to repair metal alternatives.


Composite materials are durable

The Canadian Transportation industry needs their products and equipment to withstand all types of conditions and wear and tear. Composite materials like carbon fiber and epoxy can increase the lifespan of autos, buses and rails for more efficient operation and greater cost savings.


Composites One now delivers innovative, quality composites throughout North America

Composites One offers the highest-quality composites and advanced composite materials to the Transportation and other industries. The quality of our products and exceptional customer service and expertise has earned us the reputation of the leading supplier of composite materials throughout North America. To learn more about the advanced composites we offer or about delivery options and process questions, contact our technical specialists today.