Distribution Center

While its roots go back to pioneering composites distributors of the 1950s, Composites One LLC was created in 1999 through the merger of three leading composites materials distributors (GLS Composites Distribution Corp., CMI and RP Associates). Initially a joint venture, Composites One was founded by Cook Composites and Polymers (now CCP Composites) and GLS Composites Distribution Corp. GLS Composites Distribution Corp. is wholly-owned by the Dehmlow family which has 60 years and 4 generations of composites distribution experience.

Over an 8 year period starting in 2000, Composites One grew both organically and through five strategic acquisitions of other composites distributors. In 2012, GLS Composites Distribution Corp. bought out its partner, CCP Composites, and the Dehmlow family became sole owners of Composites One, increasing their commitment to the composites industry.

The next major step in its evolution occurred in 2014 when Composites One bought Nexeo Solutions composites distribution business. This acquisition allows Composites One to offer composites materials from over 500 suppliers through 41 distribution centers across the US and Canada. More than 9,000 customers in every area of composites manufacturing, including the marine, consumer recreation, construction, corrosion resistance, energy, aerospace, defense and transportation industries, rely on Composites One as an essential source of raw materials and maintenance supplies.

With a clear focus on creating value for customers, Composites One provides unmatched technical support through 110 technical sales professionals, technical support managers, and product and process specialists. The company invests over 90% of its assets in inventory and accounts receivable to provide the most value for customers and suppliers. Company trucks and drivers ensure timely and safe delivery of key raw materials. Additionally, Composites One is an industry expert in Closed Mold Technologies, and as a founding member of the Closed Mold Alliance, provides education and process support to assist manufacturers to improve quality and productivity.

While the composites industry continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of society, the one constant has been Composites One’s commitment to serve as a single source offering the widest range of products, services, and expertise available to composites manufacturers.

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