Health, Safety & Environment

Working with Composites One means getting the best environmental and safety assistance available in the composites industry.

Composites One is committed to assisting manufacturers in obtaining the most up-to-date information on regulatory and compliance issues within the composites industry. The Health, Safety & Environment team at Composites One is fully capable of providing assistance to those looking for the latest information on safety and compliance standards.

Our team of safety experts is dedicated to helping manufacturers learn about safety and regulatory news. Speaking to a member of our safety team is easy. Just call the Information Hotline at 800-621-8003, or utilize our Ask the Compliance Expert feature, an email function on this website that is available to you 24/7.

Another useful resource is the Regulatory Compliance Manual, a guide we created to provide our customers with an overview of the common standards within the composites industry. A condensed version of this manual is available right here on this website. If you would like access to the full manual, just sign in or sign up for a account. Current customers can also request to have a copy of the CD mailed to them.

The assistance we provide from our Health, Safety & Environment team is just another value-added benefit of working with Composites One. By offering access to these resources, Composites One provides all of the information and support manufacturers need to maintain compliance within their facilities.

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