Personal Protection Equipment Keeps Workers Safe Around Composite Material

Composite and advanced composite materials can deliver many benefits to industries like aerospace, infrastructure, construction and transportation. But they can pose unique safety challenges to those workers operating with materials like carbon fiber and epoxy.


Here is some of the most effective personal protection equipment for use in composite material handling.


Tyvek garments

Hazardous particles like mold, lead and asbestos may threaten worker safety and health when working on a variety of projects. DuPont Tyvek Dual garments offer protection, durability and comfort with DuPont Tyvek fabric on the front, and breathability from DuPont ProShield fabric on the back. The front of the garment creates an inherent barrier to fine particles, while the back reduces heat stress and increases comfort. This last point is especially important for workers involved in work with wind turbines, boat manufacturing, remediation, utilities and maintenance.



Respirators are essential to keep workers from inhaling airborne particulates that can damage the lungs, as well as developing respiratory issues from inhaling the fumes from resin epoxy and other structural adhesives.


Safety glasses

Carbon fiber and other particles from sanding and planning can damage the eye, and fumes from resin or epoxy applications can lead to chemical damage. Safety glasses are important in keeping workers’ eyes free from debris – and helps them focus on the job at hand, further enhancing safety.



The right gloves can protect the hands from epoxy resin and other composite materials, as well as enhancing performance by ensuring a good grip and better handling of materials and equipment.


Head protection

Those working with composite materials are often in contact with heavy equipment and components that, when mishandled, could lead to significant damage or even death from head injuries. Head protection is an essential element of personal protection equipment to ensure your workers are protected while on the job site.


Composites One partners with top suppliers of personal protection equipment

Composites One is committed to a healthy and safe work environment. illustrating that commitment is our partnership with several leading suppliers of personal protection equipment, including 3M, DuPont and Lakeland Industries. Our HS&E Team are experts in OSHA requirements in relation to composite materials, and we can help you understand standards and equip your workers with the right protective gear to match the composite materials with which they work. Contact our technical specialists today to learn more about the personal protection equipment we offer.