Register for the Polynt Gel Coat Application and Repair Workshop – March 5-6 in Kansas City

March 5 – 6, 2019

North Kansas City, MO

This excellent course is designed to introduce and expand on a working knowledge of gel coat materials, application, and repair skills. Classroom sessions provide background for HANDS-ON workshops intended to offer practical tips and techniques for better quality parts.

Participants will be involved in individual projects during three different workshops:

Material Application Workshop
Tips and techniques for proper material application will be covered during this workshop. A full team of Polynt-Reichhold Technical Service experts will answer questions about your gel coat application process. A variety of spray equipment and mold configurations are available for hands-on activities.

Spray Equipment Workshop
An emphasis will be placed on spray equipment set-up and maintenance including shut-down, start-up and troubleshooting. Representatives from MVP (Magnum Venus Plastech) will be on-hand to offer specific advice.
Note: Some hands-on activities will require the use of a respirator. Participants should furnish their own if possible. Fit testing and respirators may be available for a nominal fee.

Repair and Surface Finishing Workshop
Repair and surface finishing will be covered in detail with attendees participating in each step of the process.

Polynt Composites Application Center (PCAC)
821 East 16th Avenue
North Kansas City, MO 64116


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