Sealant Tape from Aerovac

High-quality vacuum bagging and process materials are critical for successful composites manufacturing processes like vacuum infusion and prepreg processing. Sealant tape, available from Aerovac, works in composites processing by sealing off the laminate, create an airtight seal between the vacuum bag film and the mold surface or the bag itself. The sealant tape keeps air out and creates a high fiber-to-resin ratio that results in a higher-quality composite part.

 Customers that source their vacuum bagging and process materials from Aerovac can select from a comprehensive range of sealant tape products in various weights and that can perform in a range of cure temperatures, from ambient cures to high-temperature thermoplastic cures of over 400°F to meet application and manufacturing requirements. Through the wide range of cure temperatures, manufacturers can always count on process materials that will withstand various challenging manufacturing environments.

Sealant tape product portfolio

Aerovac Sealant Tapes are available through Composites One in North America or through Aerovac’s industry partners. Through a partnership with Composites One and Aerovac, customers have access to technical support experts to help put sealant tapes and other composites materials to work in a wide range of manufacturing applications.

The various sealant tape products and applications include:

  • Sealant tape used for de-bulk and medium temperature applications, such as wind energy, marine and glass laminating
  • Tape with high tack and elongation that strips easily from the part, ideal for composite/metal bonding applications in an oven or autoclave
  • Tape that strips cleanly and quickly after cures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and is approved for major aerospace specifications
  • Dark brown tape ideal for ultra-high temperature applications up to 752 degrees Fahrenheit where traditional tapes will not survive
  • Grey tape developed for use in composite and metal bond fabrication that is excellent for bag sealing epoxies, polyesters, phenolics and other adhesives and prepregs at high temperatures
  • Versatile, high-temperature sealant tape for use in oven and autoclave, ideally suited to industrial and automotive applications that may see high temperatures close to 450 degrees Fahrenheit 

Learn more about our comprehensive product line of sealant tapes, and their specifications and uses.