Aerovac Kitting Services: Efficient Solutions for Manufacturing Complex Parts


In composite manufacturing, the preparation work can be as significant as the manufacturing process itself, requiring skilled technical operators to ensure the materials are tailored to fit the mold. As with any process that requires a hands-on approach, there is an ongoing opportunity to take steps to improve process inconsistency, quality variability, and efficiency of the operations for ultimate cost and resource savings.

When it comes to Vacuum Infusion or Prepreg Processing, Aerovac kitting solutions can reduce manufacturing time by more than 50 percent and reduce materials waste by an average of 40 percent!

Pre-cut for savings

Aerovac Composites One’s kitting solutions provide customers with pre-cut process materials from the wide range of vacuum bagging products manufactured and supplied by Aerovac. Kitting process materials are ideal for simple predetermined shapes and dimensions, as well as complex multi-layer integrated vacuum bag assemblies. By offering pre-cut solutions that require less handling, the result is better quality laminates along with health and safety improvements throughout the parts manufacturing process.

Kitting solutions are fully designed and supplied to meet customers’ specific requirements. With this added efficiency, customers can focus their efforts on core manufacturing needs while our experts take care of preparing and cutting consumables. Customized kitting solutions represent a real opportunity for cost and time savings for composites manufacturers in aerospace, wind energy, marine, and other industrial applications that require complex parts to high-volume production needs.

The wide range of process materials available for kitting offer benefits and applications that allow customers to optimize processes, increase productivity, improve quality of parts, and increase manufacturing efficiencies. Aerovac’s highly skilled engineers are well versed in designing complex, tailored kits, and bag assemblies to simplify the manufacturing process for composite structures, regardless of their size and quantity.

Reap the benefits

The benefits of Aerovac kitting solutions include:

  • Tangible savings in manufacturing time by more than 50 percent and reduction in materials waste by an average of 40 percent.
  • Improve mold usage through reduced cycle time.
  • Standardize working practices and reduce part-to-part variation by eliminating human error.
  • Simplify vacuum bagging processing and improve bag consistency.
  • Require less operator skill level.
  • Optimize process repeatability and increase productivity.

Aerovac is a global industry leader that offers customized process material and tooling solutions for risk-reduction in complex, expensive part processing. Aerovac can design and supply kitted process materials and provide dedicated and specialized global customer support service to maximize manufacturing efficiency and cost. Learn more about Composite One and Aerovac, your trusted partners for vacuum bagging and process materials.