Composites One Joins the TPRC Consortium

March 25, 2024 ~

PRESS RELEASE: Composites One Joins the TPRC Consortium

Issued by: Thermoplastic Composites Research Center

The Thermoplastic Composites Research Center (TPRC) extends a warm welcome to Composites One as a new member of its consortium.

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[Enschede, March 25th, 2024] … Innovation thrives on a sound fundamental understanding of materials and processes. By integrating into the TPRC’s international research network, Composites One continues to strengthen its position as a premier supplier and distributor of composite materials in North America. Composites One is dedicated to raising awareness for its customers on emerging processes and technologies that take manufacturing to the next level. The TPRC offers crucial fundamental insights into thermoplastic composite technologies necessary for this aim.

Collaborating closely with the TPRC and exchanging expertise will advance Composites One’s objective of better supporting its customers. As a leading supplier of high-performance composite materials across North America, Composites One serves over 9,000 customers across diverse sectors including marine, aerospace, wind energy, marble/solid surface, construction, industrial and ground transportation. Within these sectors, the company provides a comprehensive range of traditional and advanced materials that cover reinforcements, resins, process materials, gel coats, catalysts, core materials, shop supplies, and process equipment. Headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA, Composites One operates through a network of more than 40 locations in North America.

“We are thrilled to announce our participation in the TPRC Consortium, marking a significant step forward in our continued commitment to advancing aerospace technology and supporting our customers. This collaboration underscores our dedication to the innovative use of reinforced thermoplastic composites in aeronautic part design, offering unparalleled opportunities to enhance performance while also addressing important environmental challenges. By collaborating with TPRC, we aim to not only enhance the performance and efficiency of aerospace components but also to engage in meaningful initiatives around recycling and carbon emissions.” said Dave Smith, vice president of the marketing department at Composites One.

Sebastiaan Wijskamp, general manager of the TPRC said: “We are very happy with Composites One joining our research center. Composites One brings huge value to the TPRC with their extensive network and customer base in the various markets in which they operate. Their expertise on auxiliary materials and consumables needed for the processing of composites, both thermoset and thermoplastic, will open up new project opportunities for our research roadmap.”

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