Benefits of composite conduit for Canadian electric projects

There are many composite products produced in Canada for many sectors of the economy. One of the most important of these composite products is composite electrical conduit. Composite conduit offers a host of benefits to electrical projects in Canada.

Some of the benefits that composite conduit offers to Canadian electrical projects

Electricity generation is one of the most important sectors of the Canadian economy. However, generation capacity is practically useless if there isn’t a way to transmit the electricity to those that require it. One issue that commonly arises with creating a better electricity transmission network is that non-composite conduit is expensive to manufacture, install and maintain.

Canadian composite companies have responded to this issue by creating fiberglass composite conduit options that offer many advantages over other types of conduit. One benefit offered by composite conduit is that it has a longer service life than traditional conduit types. Electrical transmission conduit is typically buried in the ground, and this environment causes traditional conduit to decay in as little as two years. However, composite conduit offers the benefit of lasting up to three times longer than traditional conduit.

Another benefit that composite conduit offers is that it’s lightweight. For instance, a 19.68-foot (6 meter) section of four-inch (102 millimeter) conduit weighs only about 15 pounds (7 kilograms). This lower weight allows project crews to get several other benefits as well. For one thing, composite conduit is easier to transport and install, which will likely help reduce overall project costs.

Other benefits that composite conduit offers include:

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Not conducting electricity
  • Exceptional impact and crush resistance

All of the benefits offered by Canadian manufactured composite conduit make this type of conduit a better choice for electrical projects than traditional conduit types. In fact, composite conduit may help to drive down the costs of these projects and allow Canadian power companies to more effectively safeguard their electricity transmission infrastructure.

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