Composite Bike Rims Benefit Cycling Canadian Commuters

Composites are present in a wide range of Canadian-manufactured products from building materials to aircraft. However, one composite product that’s bringing benefits to Canadian commuters is composite bike rims.

Benefits of composite bike rims for Canadian commuters

According to one source, almost 223,000 Canadians commuted to work by bicycle in 2016. For all of these commuters, composite wheel rims can have many benefits. Canadian composite wheel rim manufacturers, such as We Are One Composite Inc. of Kamloops, British Columbia, are helping to bring the benefits of composite bike rims to Canadian commuters.

Composite wheel rims for bicycles offer many different benefits to Canadians who commute to work on bicycles. One of the biggest benefits offered by this composite product is that they’re lightweight, with some composite rims weigh just 400 grams to 560 grams. On the low end, that’s about the weight of an official NFL football. On the high end, that’s the weight of your cell phone in a hard case. For commuters, the light weight of composite rims means it takes less effort to move their bike. This, in turn, means that they can use less energy getting to and from work every day.

In addition to the light weight of composite wheel rims, there are several other benefits that these rims offer, some of which include:

  • High corrosion resistance in wet weather
  • Greater ride comfort than metal rims
  • Lower maintenance and replacement requirements
  • Ability to take punishment of everyday use without breaking

All of these benefits make composite bike rims very beneficial for the daily grind of the Canadian biking commuter. Thanks to these composite products, it’s possible that the number of Canadians who cycle to work may continue to rise in the future.

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