Composite Materials Are Changing How Aerospace MRO Companies Operate

components in the aerospace industry’s move toward the increased use of composite materials such as carbon fiber, epoxy, polyester resin and vinyl ester resin. In some cases, new aircraft incorporate composite materials in more than 50% of their components. This increase in composite materials used in the aerospace industry has led to predictions that in less than ten years the aerospace industry will be demanding more than $100 billion in services annually from aerospace MRO providers. However, aerospace MRO companies are facing many challenges when it comes to composite material repairs, and they are meeting these challenges head-on.

Aerospace MRO Companies Are Moving from In-Shop to On-Aircraft Repairs

One of the challenges that the aerospace MRO industry is facing is the long-time industry trend of removing aircraft components and fixing them in an off-site shop. However, this repair model poses significant challenges for repairing aircraft with composite components since the components are typically manufactured in one piece. This lack of multiple pieces has the advantage of making manufacturing processes less costly and more efficient, but it does make removing the composite components an issue. To meet this challenge, aerospace MRO companies are bringing the repairs to the composite components. Using new technologies allows aerospace MRO technicians to use mobile testing and repair equipment to repair composite airframe components, such as engine thrust reversers, on the ramp. This new trend of on-aircraft composite repairs has the benefits of:

  • Reducing time, the aircraft is out of service for repairs
  • Eliminating component shipping costs
  • Simplifying repair logistics

By innovating new repair methodologies, the aerospace MRO industry is not only adding even more benefits to the use of composite materials in aircraft, but they are also showing the adaptability that makes continued industry growth possible. 

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