Composites Increase Corrosion Resistance in Shipping Containers

Composites have a growing number of applications to help improve corrosion resistance in infrastructure projects, aerospace products and others. One of the biggest industries where corrosion is a major problem is the marine shipping industry. Traditional all-metal shipping containers have corrosion issues in saltwater environments, and composite containers can provide a much greater level of corrosion resistance, as well as other benefits. 

Corrosion Resistance is Greater with Composite Shipping Containers

Anyone who has ever seen a picture of a container ship and the thousands of shipping containers it carries can appreciate the benefits of composite shipping containers, which includes corrosion resistance. 

The first metal shipping containers were the brainchild of Malcolm MacLean and entered service in the marine shipping industry in 1956. Even today, more than 60 years later, most shipping containers are still constructed of metal. However, metal containers are highly susceptible to saltwater corrosion, which can result in leaks and cargo spoilage. 

On the other hand, composite shipping containers have naturally superior corrosion resistance due to the fact that composite materials do not rust. This lack of corrosion can lead to a lower number of cargo spoilage incidents in the shipping industry, and there are other benefits that composite containers offer. These benefits include:

  • Reducing overall container weight by up to 42%
  • Increasing vessel fuel efficiency and stability due to weight savings
  • Being scannable by low-power x-rays
  • The ability to incorporate theft and tampering sensors, status communication systems and GPS tracking technologies into the containers
  • The fact that composite containers can be designed to be foldable, which reduces the space they use when empty

With all of these benefits in addition to corrosion resistance, composite shipping containers could be the wave of the future in the maritime shipping, rail and truck transport, and air freight industries. 

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