Composites One Highlights the Benefits of Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) at CAMX 2022


At this year’s CAMX show in Anaheim, California – North America’s leading technical boat-building showcase – vacuum infusion process (VIP) will be high on the docket. The Composites One Technical Team and the Closed Mold Alliance will demonstrate Vacuum Infusion for Marine in the Knowledge is Power Demo Zone. The demo will feature a marine hardtop and Aerovac Process Materials.

Composites One and Aerovac will exhibit at CAMX, with a focus on the latest advancements in vacuum infusion process for the Marine industry, along with high-quality vacuum bagging and process materials that are used in VIP. Vacuum infusion is currently the number one closed mold process being used by marine manufacturers, and it continues to grow in its uses and applications for water-based vessels.

Marine manufacturers are turning from open mold to closed mold to take advantage of the environmental and personnel health benefits, as well as to create parts that are more reliable and high performing. VIP enables minimal to no voids in the finished laminate, making it one of the strongest ways to create composite laminate for structural marine parts. VIP is also appealing because it utilizes standard composite tooling, requiring less tooling investment than alternative closed mold processes.

Aerovac provides all the vacuum bagging consumables and process materials that marine manufacturers need for VIP, as well as for prepreg processing, resin infusion, glass lamination, and other closed mold composite manufacturing processes.

Marine manufacturers make waves with VIP

Composites World explains that VIP is the only process that utilizes only atmospheric pressure to push the resin into the mold cavity, making it highly controllable with a consistent flow with every injection for parts. Composites One customer, Scout Boats, has successfully used VIP to produce an aesthetic and high-performing black hull on a newer model boat that combined fishing boat performance with the aesthetics and design of a high-end, center-console cruiser. Scout used closed-mold, advanced epoxy resin systems to benefit from increased stiffness, strength, and performance with lighter weight and better fuel economy.

Read more about how Scout Boats is using composites manufacturing processes to ensure continuous and innovative boat production in the marine industry.

Look for Composites One and Aerovac at CAMX, booth J29, October 18-20 in Anaheim, California.