Composites One Presents Upcoming Webinar on Aerocomposites

Aerocomposites Optimization and Assembly Through Integrated Protection and Bonding

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Thu, Feb 18, 2021, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm CST


Manufacture of future composite aerostructures demands more efficient and robust fabrication and assembly processes. This includes integration of next-generation lightning strike protection systems and reduced use of mechanical fasteners. In this webinar, Composites One, along with its partner 3M, will evaluate solutions for the manufacture, bonding, and protection of composite parts. This includes integrated composite fabrication, bonding and protection options with matrix resins, co-cure structural adhesive films, composite laminate edge sealers, and lightweight structural surfacing films with or without conductive mesh for lightning strike protection. The presentation will review paste adhesives, core splice adhesives, and more, all formulated for robust shop handling and efficient application.

  • Structural adhesive films: toughen and bond composite parts with a selection of 3M structural adhesive films, available in a range of weights, carriers, and cure temperatures
  • Core splice adhesives: low-density adhesives with expansion rates up to 250% and variable cure temperatures for streamlines honeycomb structure joining and gap filling
  • Surfacing and lightning strike protection films: epoxy-based structural adhesive films cure into tough, smooth composite surfaces and provide lightning strike protection when a conductive mesh is embedded
  • Corrosion-inhibiting bond primers: solvent- and water-based, chromated and non-chromated heat-cure primers inhibit corrosion on prepared metal parts and maximize adhesive wet out

Watch the Recording

Presented By:

Jason Gibson, Ph.D
Chief Applications Engineer, Composites One

Jason Gibson, Ph. D is the Chief Applications Engineer at Composites One where he manages growth of composite materials for defense and aerospace markets and is engaged in researching and developing hybrid composite armor solutions for military ballistic and blast mitigation applications. With over 20 years in the composites industry, Jason has a thorough understanding of how composites and advanced materials are revolutionizing manufacturing. Jason holds a Ph.D in mechanical engineering from the University of Central Florida.