Composites One Supplies Structural Composites from Leading Aerospace Suppliers

With as much as 50% of the weight of modern airplanes being constructed of composites, aerospace manufacturers have a valued partner in Composites One with our expert-level knowledge and understanding of composites manufacturing processes. We help manufacturers from the selection of structural composites and processing materials through implementation to ensure an efficient operation.

Composites One is an authorized distributor of products from Solvay, 3M, and other leading manufacturers, giving customers a wide array of composites products and materials that achieve weight reduction and high-strength aircraft parts through innovative composites manufacturing processes.

Structural solutions from Solvay

In the aerospace segment, Composites One supplies prepreg and other structural composites and materials from Solvay, for use on next-generation, fixed-wing aircraft. Our technical support team helps customers with implementing Solvay’s structural composite materials in various composites manufacturing processes, including automated prepreg lay-up, resin infusion, out of autoclave, and thermoplastic processes.

With end-to-end support from Composites One, manufacturers can meet high-volume production and weight reduction goals with fixed-wing and other aircraft types that deliver high performance for commercial aerospace and military and defense applications. Structural composites are used in wing components, fuselage assemblies, empennage parts, and more, with parts made from cutting-edge thermoset and thermoplastic composites, adhesives, surfacing films, and primers.

Structural adhesives from 3M

As an authorized distributor of 3M structural adhesives for aerospace, Composites One helps aerospace manufacturers achieve the light weight, strength, and durability that is critical to evolving aircraft design. 3M’s structural adhesive solutions for fabricating, bonding, and protecting composite structures are available in a range of weights, carriers and cure temperatures to meet aircraft design requirements in interior cabin parts.

Your Composites One technical support team can help navigate the integrated film adhesive options, including co-cure structural adhesive films, composite laminate edge sealers, and lightweight structural surfacing films, as well as paste adhesives, core splice adhesives, and more.

With the goal of fabricators to achieve increased weight reduction (up to 20% over aluminum) to improve fuel economy and increase high-flying performance, Composites One partners with aerospace customers to apply composites manufacturing processes for structural and interior composite aircraft parts.

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