Composites Tech Talks | Why I Chose a Career in Composites

Composites Tech Talks

Join Composites One’s James Jones and IACMI’s Tyler Blevins for the latest in our series of Composites Tech Talks, hosted LIVE on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

Why I Chose a Career in Composites

When: Wednesday, August 25, 2021 at 4:00pm CDT

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  • The different career options and potential pathways that exist within the industry.
  • The multitude of end-use industries where composites are utilized.
  • Training programs such as those at Davis Technical College, are available for those looking for their first career in composites or those looking to make a jump to a new and exciting opportunity.

Presented by:
Wes Hobbs, National Director for Composites Pathways, Davis Technical College
James Jones, Technical Support Manager, Composites One
Tyler Blevins, Workforce and Community Development Manager, IACMI

About Composites Tech Talks

Renowned for bringing live workshops to the composites industry, Composites One and IACMI are now offering this new live webinar series featuring composites industry leaders such as Magnum Venus Products (MVP), Aerovac, and more.

Hosted by Composites One’s James Jones and IACMI’s Tyler Blevins, Composites Tech Talks brings together the latest in product and process technology to manufacturers and students alike. Users can visit the Composites One LinkedIn, Youtube, or Facebook page at the time of the webinar and join us for the presentation, followed by a live Q&A with the presenters.