Detailed Agenda Released for the Evolution of Composites Workshop!

Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance announce the Evolution of Composites, a new two-day workshop in partnership with IACMI–The Composites Institute on March 20-21 at Vanderbilt University’s Laboratory for Systems Integrity & Reliability (LASIR) in Nashville, TN.

Attendees will hear the latest product and process developments in automation, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, closed molding, thermosets, thermoplastics, carbon fiber and more – all in a single workshop at one of the most innovative laboratories in the U.S.

“Rather than focus on a single end market, this unique workshop will cover a variety of topics that are trending in the composites processing industry today,” said Marcy Offner, Director of Marketing Communications, Composites One. “Our goal is to help manufacturers gain insights in product and process efficiencies that can positively impact their business.”

According to Offner, those attending The Evolution of Composites will:

  • Learn about non-destructive evaluation, process monitoring and control
  • See three side-by-side closed mold process demos, each producing the same part
  • Watch LIVE demos of 3D printing, DForm tooling and other processes
  • Learn how low-cost carbon fiber is successfully used to produce an automotive part
  • Find out about the latest advancements in adhesives, infused tooling, light-weighting and more

Space is limited; to register for the workshop visit: 

Download the Detailed Agenda