How composites are helping man reach the stars

Human beings have been eager to explore space for many reasons, whether it’s to explore the mysteries of the universe around us or to make advancements in scientific experiments. Regardless of the reason, space travel is possible these days largely in thanks to composite materials.

Composites like carbon fibers and anti-corrosion resins enable spacecraft to withstand the harsh demands of traveling into and back from space. Composites are strong, lightweight, durable and easily moldable, which are all important for use in the aerospace industry.

Composites in space today

Currently, spacecraft use composites in some form. Composites are used in many applications that were previously performed by aluminum or stainless steel. These materials are heavier, harder to produce and more vulnerable to corrosion. The development of composites has helped engineers develop more reliable spacecraft as a result.

Composites can be found as part of the spacecraft’s structure or in batteries and other operational components. They are also used to protect certain parts of the aircraft from corrosion from fuel. Composites are also used to protect systems from overheating during launch and reentry into the atmosphere.

Composites allow spacecraft to consume less fuel because they save weight. They also require less labor to produce, which leaves more time for safety inspections and thorough preparation for spaceflight.

Composites in space tomorrow

The aerospace industry has grown rapidly since it largely took off in the mid-20th century. However, there is still much room for development. Many aerospace manufacturers have their eyes on developing spacecraft that can launch, land and be flown multiple times by small crews.

Composites will be essential to the development of these future spacecraft. Composites will allow the spacecraft to be light enough to consume optimal fuel for the laborious journey. They can also be used in hydrogen fuel cells and in motors.

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