composites materials safety

Safety Record

Composites One’s commitment to safety is embodied in our exceptional performance record.

Safety is a priority at Composites One. Our quantified Safety Incentive Programs, which are tied to performance, accountability, and behaviors, reemphasize the importance of safety and compliance amongst our employees.

The Composites One team’s dedication to safety is exemplified in part by our consistently low workers comp claims throughout the years. Our OOS violations have also been below 3 percent since 2009. On top of this, our DOT Out of Service rates for Vehicle, Driver, and Hazmat categories have been consistently below that of our competitors.

Our adherence to safety is not only evident in our performance but has also been recognized by various safety organizations. From 2002-2011, Composites One was awarded the Safety Platinum Award by Great West Insurance. We have also won multiple awards from the National Safety Council, including the Occupational Safety Excellence Award in 2016 and 2017

At Composites One, our dedication to safety is constantly demonstrated through our performance record and translates to the expertise we provide through resources we offer, like the Regulatory Compliance Manual or Regulatory Hotline.