Polyester and Vinyl Ester Resins are the Foundation of the Corrosion Industry

Polyester and vinyl ester resins offer many benefits to the corrosion industry. Recognized as the foundation of composite materials, vinyl ester and polyester resin are used to develop many types of equipment and material for the corrosion industry due to the corrosion-resistant properties and design flexibility of these two composites. 

The Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Ester or Polyester Resin for Corrosion Industry Equipment

The reason many manufacturers in the corrosion industry trust vinyl ester and polyester resin for their equipment material is due to several benefits associated with these composites, such as the high resistance to corrosion, the fire retardant nature and the design flexibility and short cure time of these composites. Manufacturers have the flexibility to design corrosion-resistant products to ASTM C582 standards without losing the strength and durability of the vinyl ester or polyester resin in the process. 

Another benefit that vinyl ester and polyester resin offers to the corrosion industry is the low cost. Compared to other composite solutions, vinyl ester and polyester resin offer a lower cost without sacrificing strength and durability. These composite materials can also be tailored to fit the need by thickening or thinning the solution with chemicals such as styrene. 

How to Choose Between Vinyl Ester and Polyester Resin for your Corrosion Equipment

While both vinyl ester and polyester resins play an important role in the corrosion industry, there are a few differences between the two composites that should be noted. Vinyl ester resins, for example, are able to absorb more impact without cracking than polyester resins due to the flexibility of the material. Additionally, vinyl ester resins offer more resistance to water and temperatures, as well as environmental conditions such as humidity, than polyester resins, which are ideal traits of composite material used in the corrosion industry. 

That being said, polyester resin is often less expensive than vinyl ester resin, and it still provides resistance to corrosion and temperatures, as well as design flexibility and strength. 

Composites One Supplies Composite Materials to the Corrosion Industry

Composites One is the leading supplier of composite material such as polyester and vinyl ester resin, as well as many other composite materials, throughout North America. Our technical specialists bring unmatched expertise to the corrosion industry to ensure the composites used can withstand the harsh environmental elements that they will be exposed to. We also work closely with corrosion industry professionals to provide PPE and supplies to help protect employees on the job site. Contact us today to learn more about our composite materials for the corrosion industry.