Prepregs: How Pre-Impregnated Materials Benefit Aerospace Technologies

Pre-impregnated materials (Prepregs) have made a large impact in numerous industries requiring application-specific, advanced composites. The aerospace industry benefits greatly from numerous prepreg characteristics. With the development of advanced pre-impregnation processes, manufacturers can develop a wide range of aircraft components such as aircraft flooring, interiors, cargo liners, and much more. As manufacturers continue experimenting with prepregs, we will begin to see prepregs being utilized in many more aerospace applications. 

Below are a select few benefits that prepregs offer the aerospace industry.

Prepregs Experience Very Low Thermal Expansion

Prepregs have the ability to be developed with materials that react well with extreme temperatures. In the aerospace industry, manufacturers must account for the drastic changes in temperature that most aircraft materials will experience during flight. Because of this, prepregs have been presented as a viable option to replace inefficient materials.

Prepregs Dampen Vibration

Aerospace engineers must always keep the passengers in mind. In today’s market, people are seeking out commercial flights that suit their ideal comfort levels, so aircraft manufacturers seek out advanced materials to maximize passenger comfort. As mentioned above, prepregs are utilized in the interior of the aircraft because prepreg reinforcements dampen the effects of vibration.

Prepregs Offer Increased Environmental Corrosion Resistance

Advanced fibers can be injected with high-end resins that offer corrosive resistance properties. Aerospace manufacturers require materials that can withstand extreme environmental conditions. Pre-impregnated structures provide aerospace and aviation manufacturers the opportunity to reduce weight, increase strength, and increase environmental corrosion resistance in the areas needed the most.

The aerospace and aviation industry demand materials that can withstand extreme temperatures and environmental corrosion all while providing passengers with the highest quality flight. Application-specific composites such as prepregs have made a large impact on the industry, and we can expect to see composites being used in new applications.

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