Pultrusion Case Study: Success of Pultrusion in the Corrosion Industry

Pultrusion is a cost-effective process that allows for high volume production with low post-production work required. Because this process is an efficient and highly accurate manufacturing process, it has been adopted into a number of industries, including the corrosion industry. This case study of the success of pultrusion in the corrosion industry highlights the benefits of high-volume, lower-cost production that results from the pultrusion process. 

The Need for the Pultrusion Process

The corrosion industry works with harsh environmental elements that can cause materials and equipment to corrode and deteriorate over time. In order to improve the lifespan of equipment and materials used in the corrosion industry, companies turned to composite materials to replace traditional materials such as wood and steel. Composite materials are resistant to corrosion and are fire-retardant, making them an ideal solution to withstand the harsh environmental elements of the corrosion industry. 

When the Westfall Company decided to move away from their traditional materials that constantly needed to be repaired or replaced and turn toward composite materials to be used in their coal preparation plant, they needed a solution that would manufacturer the replacement composite materials quickly and at a low cost; so, they chose the pultrusion process. 

The success of pultrusion in the corrosion industry

Because the Westfall Company chose pultrusion as their process to replace traditional materials with composites, they were able to complete their remodel quickly and at a low cost. The true testament to the success of the pultrusion process is the quality of product this process produces. Not only is it a good solution for high quantity production at a lower cost, but it also produces high quality products with minimal post-production work required. Twelve years after the Westfall Company replaced their traditional materials using the pultrusion process, there has been no report of corrosion or need for repair for the new materials. 

Composites One is a Leading Expert in the Pultrusion Process

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