Some of the Benefits Offered by Pultruded Gratings

The process of pultrusion can make many different kinds of composite products. Pultrusion has been used to create everything from composite rebar two composite I-beams. Now, this process is being used to create composite gratings that have many benefits for their users.

The benefits that pultruded gratings offer

Pultrusion is a multi-step process used to create composite products. The first step in this process is that the composite material is placed in a resin bath. Then, the saturated composite material is pulled through a heated die to produce the profile of the desired product. Finally, a cutting tool is used to the cut the pultruded product to the desired length.

Thanks to this process, composite gratings are being produced for a variety of applications. One application that composite gratings are used for is to replace metal gratings on wheel and gas drilling rigs. Another application of these pultruded products is to replace metal gratings that cover drainage ditches or pipes embedded in roadways.

No matter which application pultruded composite gratings are used for, they offer many benefits to their users. These benefits include:

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Excellent impact and fatigue strength
  • Lighter weight than metal gratings
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Being fire retardant
  • Not conducting heat or electricity
  • Not producing sparks

Thanks to these benefits, pultruded composite gratings offer a safer and more affordable alternative to traditional metal gratings.

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