The Benefits of Composite Rebar in Infrastructure Projects

Composite rebar is a construction material that has slowly been gaining traction through its use in infrastructure projects such as highway bridges in the past few years. Concrete itself is a composite material, and it has been used in infrastructure construction for decades because it has high compressive strength, good durability and low manufacturing and application costs. 

Unfortunately, concrete also has an inherent brittleness and low tensile strength that causes it to need additional reinforcing, and steel reinforcement bars, or rebar, are commonly added to concrete structures to provide this additional support. However, composite rebar has a number of advantages over steel rebar that can benefit infrastructure construction durability and costs. 

Composite Rebar Provides More Benefits to Infrastructure Projects

Steel rebar first came into use as a reinforcement for concrete structures in the 1800’s, and it has been the primary method of concrete strengthening ever since. However, steel rebar does have a number of disadvantages, including susceptibility to corrosion and swelling issues that result in cracking or spalling of the concrete.

On the other hand, composite rebar does not suffer from these disadvantages. In fact, it has a number of important benefits that steel rebar cannot provide. These benefits include:

  • A 1.5 to 2 times higher tensile strength than steel rebar
  • 25% of the weight of steel
  • The ability to be made in hollow sections that can have electrical and communications wiring run through them

All of these and other benefits of composite rebar are what makes this product a great fit for the construction of infrastructure. 

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