The Benefits of Pultrusion Composites In Mass Transit Buses

When you step on the bus in the morning and head off to work or school, you probably don’t think about pultrusion at all. In fact, you may not even know what this process is or how it’s used. However, thanks to the pultrusion process, your bus is able to take advantage of the benefits of composite materials. 

Benefits of Pultrusion-Made Parts for Mass Transit Buses

Composite materials and components made with the pultrusion process are becoming more prominent in the commercial, marine, infrastructure and mass transit sectors of the United States and other countries worldwide. 

Indeed, there are a variety of components in a typical mass transit bus that are created using this process. These composite components may include parts like two-passenger seats, floor segments, side body panels, structural frame segments and doors for the battery box and air conditioning unit. 

By using these and other composite materials, mass transit system operators and their passengers can reap the benefits of:

  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • A 40% savings in overall bus weight
  • Increased fuel efficiency due to lower weight
  • Component replacement and maintenance cost savings of 45-50% over the life of the part
  • Greater absorption of crash energy by composite body panels making buses safer if an accident occurs

With all of these benefits of composite materials made with the pultrusion process, the bus that you ride every day is lighter, more fuel efficient and, most importantly, safer for you to ride. 

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