The Critical Role of Polyester in Corrosion Resistant Composites

Polyester resin formulations are an essential component of the most common composite structures. Manufacturers benefit from the utilization of polyester resin because the formulation provides an ease of handling, a reduced cost, quick cure, and an increase in strength. The three most widely used resins for composites molding include orthophthalic (Ortho), isophthalic (Iso), and dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) These three polyester resin formulations offer manufacturers, from numerous industries, the opportunity to improve properties in composite structures. Due to its higher tolerance of chemical corrosion, polyester resin formulations play a critical role in corrosion resistant applications.

Polyester Resin in Marine Composite Applications

One of the many benefits of polyester resin formulations is that the material provides an improved resistance to water permeation. Polyester resins are used extensively in the marine industry to produce an effective water-resistant, gel barrier. Composites composed of orthophthalic and isophthalic resins can be utilized to manufacture boat hulls and interiors as well as to prevent hull blistering. These polyester composite structures will withstand environmental corrosion factors for a much longer duration than other options.

Polyester and Vinyl Ester Resin in Industrial Composite Applications

The harsh environments found in chemical processing, energy generation, oil and gas extraction, pollution control, and many other industrial environments require corrosive-resistant, flexible materials with an extended service life. Polyester and Vinyl Ester resins are ideal for the manufacturing of piping, tanks, and many other chemical storage containers that can corrode metal materials. Polyester and Vinyl Ester resin composites successfully compete with traditional metals such as steel and aluminum because of the lower costs, quick curing processes, as well as an overall increase in strength and resistance to corrosion.

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