The Future of Interior Aerospace Composites Looks Bright

Composite materials have seen a progressively higher level of use in the aerospace industry, and one place where composites are seeing more and more use is in aircraft interiors. A new report shows that the use of composites in aircraft interiors will continue to rise strongly over the next five years.

Reasons that interior composites will be used more by the aerospace industry

According to Stratview Research, the global aircraft cabin interior composites market is set to grow to almost $1.9 billion by the end of 2023. The reasons for this level of growth is, according to the report, threefold.

The first reason for this strong sector growth is the benefits that composites offer to aircraft interiors. These benefits include the fact that composites are inherently strong, light and corrosion-resistant. This makes them an excellent choice for aircraft interiors that will see hard usage as they serve thousands of passengers every year. Composites allow for interior components, such as seats, that are safer and require less maintenance over their service life.

The second reason that this sector will grow is that composites help improve the experience that customers have in aircraft. For instance, many airlines will be installing larger composite overhead storage bins in aircraft produced over the next five years. This will allow their customers to store more bags and have a higher likelihood of being able to store them close to their assigned seat. Composites will also allow for more compact and better-functioning galleys and lavatories in aircraft and improving these cabin features will allow for customer-pleasing benefits like better lavatory availability and more efficient in-flight food service.

The third reason the interior composites sector will see such significant growth is that composites allow aircraft interior designers more opportunities for innovation. The benefits offered by composites are allowing designers to do things, like add more seats to aircraft, that could not be done before. With traditional aircraft interior materials, many of the innovations currently on the drawing boards would have been impossible because they would have been too heavy for the aircraft to carry. By using composites for new interior structures, engineers and interior designers can produce these innovations while lowering the weight of the aircraft, which improves the fuel efficiency of the aircraft at the same time.

Thanks to the benefits of composite materials, their ability to improve customer experience in aircraft and their allowing aircraft designers to innovate new interior structures, the aerospace interior composites industry is looking at a very bright future.

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