The Role of Structural Adhesives in Aerospace MRO

Adhesives play an important role in the Aerospace industry. Whether used to join composite to composite or composite to traditional material, adhesives help solidify the structural integrity of aircrafts. Because of the strength and versatility adhesives possess, they are often used in the maintenance and repair of aircrafts and other aerospace equipment. 

The Benefits of Using Structural Adhesives for Aerospace MRO

Adhesives can be applied to aircraft structures to fill gaps or join two materials together, and the thickness and viscosity of the adhesive solution can be adjusted accordingly. In addition to adjusting the thickness and viscosity of structural adhesives, the curing time and overall strength of the adhesives can be customized based on the solution with additives. For the MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) sector of the aerospace industry, having the ability to shorten the curing time of a structural adhesive without weakening the overall strength of the adhesive is an advantage that can lead to more efficient maintenance and repair efforts. 

Epoxy is the Most Common Structural Adhesive for Aerospace MRO

Epoxy has long been the most common structural adhesive solution in the Aerospace industry. Due to its high temperature resistance as well as its strength and durability, epoxy has been used to hold together many composite and traditional aerospace materials. Epoxy can be created as a paste or a film, depending on the specific need for adhesive solution. Another benefit of using epoxy as an aerospace MRO solution is its high chemical resistance. Other structural adhesives used in aerospace MRO include polyimide and bismaleimide adhesives. 

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