Using composites in wind turbines in Canada

Energy industries have been using composites in energy-producing equipment for years. With the growing push for greener energy sources, wind turbines are no exception.

Nearly 300 wind farms operate across Canada to produce thousands of megawatts of energy. This energy provides Canadian residents with power with less reliance on nonrenewable resources.

Since the benefits of wind turbines are great for the environment and produce high amounts of energy, Canadians can expect to see more wind farms pop up over the coming years. And, if you’re in the business of producing wind turbines, you know how important it is to have access to great composite materials.

The benefits of composites in wind turbines

Over the past few decades, wind turbines have grown in both size and popularity. Increasing the size of the blade increases the performance of the turbine, which can produce more energy.

None of this would have been possible without the use of composites, and the future of wind turbines also lies within advancements in the field of composites.

Using composites in wind turbines offers many benefits, including:

  • Higher energy gain — Composite wind turbine blades can be made longer than blades made with steel and other heavy materials. Since composite blades are lightweight, they can extend far without breaking under the force of gravity or wind. This is an advantage because longer blades can capture more wind and churn more energy than shorter blades.
  • Higher durability — Composite wind turbine blades are highly damage resistant and put less wear on the rotor in the turbine due to their lower weight.
  • Lower operation costs — Since composite turbine blades are damage resistant, they require fewer repairs. They also improve the lifespan of the rotor since they put less wear on it.

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