Vacuum bag process helps create composite prosthetics

Composites are created using a variety of processes. One of the most common composite production processes is the vacuum bag process, which is also known as vacuum bagging. Composites can be created in a variety of helpful forms using this process, including composite prosthetic limbs for the physically handicapped.

How vacuum bag process helps create prosthetics

Vacuum bagging is a form of closed molding that uses a nylon, mylar or polyethylene bag to help create laminated composite products. First, the composite material is hand laid in a mold and the appropriate resin is applied. Next, the bag is placed over the mold, and the edges of the bag are sealed. Finally, a pump is used to draw the air out of the bag to create a vacuum. The vacuum created in this process allows the layers of composite materials in the mold to be compacted. This compacting eliminates air voids that may cause the finished product to break unexpectedly.

While this process is commonly used to create composite products like aircraft components, it’s also being used to create better prosthetics. Composite prosthetics offer a number of advantages to the people using them. For one thing, they are significantly lighter than prosthetics made of traditional materials. This lightness makes the prosthetics easier to move for the user and helps to reduce user fatigue.

Composite prosthetics are also stronger and more durable than prosthetics constructed of other materials. This is helpful because it reduces the number of prosthetics the user must purchase, which may save a significant amount of money. The durability and strength of composite prosthetics also offers other benefits. For instance, these prosthetics require lower levels of maintenance over their lifespan, and this only increases the monetary savings for the user.

Overall, composite prosthetics offer many benefits, and these composite products and the benefits are only possible thanks to the vacuum bag process that’s used to create them.

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