Why reusable bag molding to produce composite components

Composites have an important role in many industries. Automotive, industrial and energy industries all use composite parts for a variety of reasons. Composites are corrosion-resistant, lightweight, strong and easy to mold. However, producing composites can be messy and expensive if done with the traditional open molding process.

Open molding is useful primarily for large scale composite components or for short-term projects. However, when producing small-to-medium sized composites for a long-term project, the reusable bag molding process may be the best option.

What is reusable bag molding?

Traditionally, in the open molding process, composites are sprayed or brushed onto a mold. This results in material waste and a challenging work environment.  

In reusable bag molding, all of the composite resins are injected into a mold covered in a reusable silicone bag. Then a vacuum or air compressor applies pressure to the bag, which molds the resins and collects waste in a safe container.

Reusable bag molding offers several advantages for composite manufacturers, including:

  • High strength, lightweight material
  • Durable product
  • Lower product waste
  • Lower emissions
  • Fast production
  • Lower material costs

Reusable bag molding is a very versatile means of production. It can be used for a variety of parts in many industries. The silicone materials for the bag are generally affordable and a wide variety of resins can be used in the process.

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