Canadian Aircraft Manufacturers Continue High Composite Materials Usage

There are many ways that Canadian companies are using composites to create stronger, lighter and corrosion-resistant products. However, the Canadian aircraft industry is the sector with the highest use of composite materials thanks to aircraft manufacturers like Diamond Aircraft Canada. 

Why the Canadian Aerospace Sector Uses Composite Materials

Composite materials have been used by aircraft manufacturers since the late 1960’s when materials such as fiberglass began to appear in military aircraft. Since then, the use of composites by the Canadian aerospace industry has continued to grow steadily. 

Diamond Aircraft Canada is an excellent example of a Canadian aerospace company that is making significant use of composites. In fact, the company currently produces four different models that have an all-composite airframe, which include the DA20, DA40, DA40 NG, and the new DA62. 

The use of such composite aircraft structures allows these models, and indeed all aircraft with composite components and structures, to make use of the advantages of composite materials. These advantages for Canadian aircraft producers include:

  • The ability to build lightweight and extremely strong aircraft structures and components
  • Creating aircraft with unprecedented flight ranges and fuel efficiencies
  • The capability to produce aircraft that require less maintenance
  • Provide operators with high levels of corrosion resistance

With all of these benefits and more, composite materials have been and will continue to be used heavily by the Canadian aerospace industry. 

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