Carbon Fiber: Taking Consumer Goods to the Next Level

With new applications developing nearly every day, carbon fiber is allowing for advancements in the production of consumer goods. Carbon fiber offers manufacturers the opportunity to increase overall strength and reduce weight in areas they need it the most. In today’s consumer goods market, consumers can expect to find carbon fiber in products such as prosthetics, bicycles, and many more consumer products. 

Take a moment to review all of the areas that have turned to carbon fiber to take advantage of the benefits of this composite material. 

Carbon Fiber Composites in Performance Marine Racing

Carbon fiber is an essential component of most modern day racing vehicles because of the undeniable properties it encapsulates. Advanced carbon fiber prepregs have a higher resistance to environmental corrosion factors, and performance marine racing teams are taking advantage of that. For example, Land Rover BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing) competes against some of the most skilled sailors in the world, and their team relies on carbon fiber composites to provide an advantage over the competition. 

Carbon Fiber Composites in Athletic Prosthetics

There is a limited variety of prosthetics that allow amputees the ability to partake in certain exercising activities. However, 3D printing and composites are paving the way for the production of more versatile prosthetics. Advancements in 3D printing and carbon fiber composites offer the ability for prosthetics to be designed and manufactured with the amputee’s lifestyle in mind. Carbon fiber structures are perfect aquatic prosthetics because of the material’s resistance to environmental corrosion.

Carbon Fiber Composites in Bicycle Manufacturing

Performance bicycle manufacturers require materials such as carbon fiber to achieve the strongest, lightest product offering possible. Carbon fiber dramatically reduces the weight of critical components in performance bikes, allowing cyclist to maximize their speed. Bicycle manufacturers continue to push the limits of how light and durable a bicycle can possibly be. For example, supercar manufacturer, Bugatti, teamed up with PG Bikes to develop the world’s lightest bicycle weighing in at a mere 11 pounds. Carbon fiber composites are found in the frame of most high performance bikes, but Bugatti/PG’s development features carbon fiber in the bicycle’s rims, fork, handlebars, seat, and much more. 

Carbon fiber is the material of choice for extreme high strength and lightweight applications. Manufacturers continue to use carbon fiber composites in structures in new and unique ways. As mentioned above, carbon fiber is being utilized in some very cutting-edge applications such as performance yacht racing, producing athletic prosthetics, as well as manufacturing the world’s lightest bike. These are extreme examples of carbon fiber’s capabilities, however, we can expect to see great developments spring from these applications.

Why Choose Composites One as Your Carbon Fiber Supplier

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