Class “A” Marine Manufacturer Switches to Axel XTEND 1050

Many marine manufacturers have noted that with the advent and continuing implementation of low VOC gel coats, problems related to mold release have increased.

Poorer release has been only one problem, a more persistent issue for many molders has been the increase in mold hazing and build-up which is occurring after fewer de-molding and requiring more mold maintenance.

XTEND® 1050 was introduced to a marine customer who was suffering from these problems in the production of 30’-50’ cabin crusiers. While the customer was already using a solvent-based semi-permanent mold release that required no polishing, he was surprised to find that XTEND® 1050 was even easier to apply, and regardless of temperature or humidity conditions it was always easy to attain a perfect, streak-free high gloss.

Further proof came when molds prepared with XTEND® 1050 were put into production. XTEND® 1050 maintained gloss on molds up to 50% longer than the release that had been used previously; while providing dependable release on hulls, decks and other gel coated components, including those with difficult geometries, like consoles and heads.

This is one of many marine manufacturers who has recently converted their production to XTEND® 1050.

About XTEND 1050
XTEND® 1050 is new semi-permanent mold release specifically designed to resist hazing and loss of gloss which often occur in high volume FRP production and with many of the newer low VOC gel coats. XTEND 1050 is a quick flashing solvent formulation that simply wiped on the molds and allowed to dry, effortlessly providing a streak-free, high gloss mold surface.