Manhole Cover Production, Accelerated with XTEND 19RSS Mold Release

A manufacturer molding highly filled vinyl ester resin from aluminum molds to produce manholes and utility boxes had difficulty achieving the productivity that he hoped for because the molds became dirty very quickly.
This buildup made release more difficult and also left parts with an inconsistent surface appearance that was unacceptable to his customers.

To achieve a suitable surface on the parts, molds required cleaning after only a few parts.

XTEND® 19RSS was tested by applying the release to the aluminum molds at 115F, using an HLVP spray gun. Following this initial preparation the manufacturer found that he was able to run 40 parts before the molds required cleaning.

This significant increase in productivity, and the more consistent surface appearance of the molded parts throughout the production run, has encouraged this customer to continue working with XTEND® 19RSS in the optimization of his production.

XTEND® 19RSS is the newest addition to AXEL’s already popular “19 series” of semi-permanent mold release; release products designed for non-gelcoated part production and the toughest molding conditions like: “B” side RTM; DCPD resin and others; polyurethane L FI and RIM; and more. The success of XTEND® 19RSS is its proven ability to resist build-up and mold scumming longer than other mold release formulations.
While XTEND® 19RSS provides great release, it will not transfer or pre-release, so it can also be used to produce parts with primer gel-coat, or as a spot treatment in gel coated part production to improve release in high shear or sharp radius areas .
XTEND® 19RSS can be applied at both ambient and elevated temperatures by wipe on (let dry; no polish) or by spraying. Depending on the application technique used, it will yield a semi-gloss or class “A-“ finish on molds.