Product Highlight: BOSS 840 Non-Corrosive Marine Silicone

BOSS® 840 Non-Corrosive Marine Silicone is a long lasting, acid free, non-corrosive, non-sagging, single component moisture curing adhesive sealant specifically designed for marine application. It can be used above the waterline and below the waterline where BOSS® 840 is compressed between two substrates such as marine windows, plastic through-hull fittings etc. It is not recommended for use as an underwater seam sealer or for use in aquariums. Its low
odor allows its use in tight confines and has excellent resistance to cold, heat, water, UV, chemicals and sunlight as well as most solvents, boat cleaners and sea water. BOSS® 840 is mildew resistant and non-shrinking. Resists weathering, moisture, vibration and ozone. Bonds to fiberglass, wood metal and glass.

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