Product Highlight: HK HDS-Series Swimming Pool and Spa Gel Coat

HDS-Series Swimming Pool and Spa Gel Coat
High Definition® Swimming Pool and Spa Gel Coats are based on HK’s unique Acrylic Modified 100% NPG/Isophthalic Polymer backbone and formulated to meet the need for high quality swimming pool and spa gel coat applications.

HK Research gels have HAP contents below the EPA Composites MACT maximum, are blush resistant, have excellent performance on exposure to UV, user friendly (flow, leveling and air release), and easily repaired.

HD®-gel coats have been tested and proved at above-normal temperature and chemical (chlorine and bromide) levels for resistance to blistering and surface distortion.

Enhanced air release improves film quality and makes your colors really stand out! HD®-Series Gel Coat handling characteristics make this the easiest to use Pool/Spa Gel Coat in the industry. HD®- Series Gel Coats fall well below the HAP Limits.

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