Composite Materials for Infrastructure Help Repair Pipelines

According to NACE International, corrosion is a primary factor in the longevity and reliability of energy pipelines in the U.S. With more than 328,000 miles of natural gas transmission and gathering pipelines, 74,000 miles of crude transmission and gathering pipelines, and 82,000 miles of hazardous liquid transmission pipelines, that’s quite a bit at stake. In the natural gas distribution system alone, 57 percent of mains and 46 percent of service pipelines are made of steel, cast iron or copper. All these materials are prone to degrading corrosion.


The Infrastructure industry is benefitting from the use of composite materials in pipeline repair and reinforcement. A study showed that carbon fiber composites perform better than other types, improving the internal pressure capacity of pipes and increasing strength, durability and lifespan.


Composites can repair many pipeline defects

The Infrastructure industry can use composites like carbon fiber and epoxy to repair external corrosion and dents and gouges. Carbon fiber is corrosion-resistance and can restore a pressure pipe’s full capacity, offer a long service life and allow for localized repair and improved flow. It has a high tensile strength and resistance to high temperatures, resisting thermal expansion.


Similarly, epoxy is an attractive solution given its strength, durability, chemical resistance and performance in high temperatures. It’s also flexible, with the ability to customize it to match a project’s specifications.


By turning to composites like carbon fiber and epoxy to repair and strengthen traditional materials, the infrastructure industry is able to experience an extended lifecycle for their buildings. This equates to lower costs and less time used to repair structures due to corrosion and fatigue.


Composites One is the leading supplier of composite materials

Composites One is the leading supplier of composites and advanced composite material throughout North America. We work with the infrastructure industry to provide composite materials for a wide variety of projects, including pipeline repair and rehabilitation. To learn more about the materials we offer, contact our technical specialists today.