Composite panels: The next big step in infrastructure

Wooden planks play an important role in the building industry. They provide infrastructure for many buildings, are used as flooring for decks, support for fencing and more. For the longest time, wood has been the material of choice in these applications because of its strength and accessibility.

However, there are several drawbacks to wood. It is not weather or corrosion resistant, nor is it environmentally friendly to use and it is heavy and bulky. This why many businesses are choosing to use composite panels instead.

The benefits of composite panels in the infrastructure industry

Composite panels have undergone a transformation over the years and are increasingly more efficient for use in building projects and infrastructure. For example, last year SABIC released a new heavy-duty composite panel, STADECK, made of fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic resin. This material is designed with building and construction specifically in mind, and it’s useful in many applications.

Composites like SABIC’s STADECK offer many benefits that wood cannot, including:

  • Lightweight — Composite materials are lightweight, which makes them easier to work with and safer to use in certain construction applications.

  • Durability — Composite panels are strong and resistant to damage from corrosion and moisture. Plus, they do not have natural predators like termites.

  • Affordability — Many composite panels can be produced with recycled materials. This lowers the production cost of the panels, which, in turn, saves your business a lot of money. Even composite decks that are not made with recycled materials save you a lot of money in the long run by not needing much maintenance or repairs.

  • Environmental friendliness — It’s great that recycling lowers your costs, and it’s also great that it has a better impact on the environment. Furthermore, using composite panels helps reduce the impact of deforestation on the planet.

Composites One is the leading composite distributor in the U.S. and Canada

If your business produces wood panels for construction and flooring, you may want to consider switching to composite panels. At Composites One, we make it easy for businesses to get access to composites. We have 41 distribution centers across the United States and Canada stocked with thousands of composite materials.

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