Cultured Marble in Demand for Beauty and Brawn

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there’s plenty of beauty—and benefit—to behold with cast polymer products like cultured marble, cultured stone, and other solid surfaces.

A precise blend of polyester resin, catalyst, fillers, and pigments are mixed together to simulate the look of real marble stone while meeting strength requirements and offering the durability benefits that composites users are accustomed to, making them ideal and popular in commercial, industrial, residential and medical applications.

According to ICPA, the most popular and widely manufactured cast polymer industry products are cultured marble, stone, and other solid surfaces. Cultured marble, stone, and tile use a blend of polyester resins and fillers that are cast into polished molds and coated with a clear gel coat. Solid surface products consist of resin and filler, but without a surface gel coat.

Benefits Abound

The global demand for cultured stone and solid surface products for residential and commercial construction is substantial, and that demand is expected to continue to grow worldwide. This growth can be attributed to the diverse design possibilities that allow products to emulate the look and feel of real stone products, as well as the environmental benefits with the increased interest in and adoption of green fillers and resins.

Cultured stone and solid surface products are commonly used for kitchen countertops and bathrooms, as residential and commercial users take advantage of benefits like aesthetic appeal, durability, cost-efficiency, production efficiency, and water and mildew resistance.

The market share for these products continues to increase while the Cast Polymer industry focuses on continuous improvement efforts for product and process quality assurance.

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